Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Paravoor Pozikkara

Pozhikkara or Pozhikara is the Western border town of the Paravur municipality in the Kollam district of Kerala state in India. It is located at the South-Western tip of Kollam's coastal area. It is in the Arabian Sea coast. Pozhikara is a heritage site in Kerala. Visitors, including foreign visitors come to Paravur and Pozhikara to see the estuary, backwaters and beaches. Pozhikkara has the name of the best kept beach in India and topper in Kerala.

Kappil Beach

If you are on wheels you will apply the brakes and get off road to be with her – the lovely Kappil beach- you will call her as a South Indian beach beauty. The ideal blend of the backwaters and sea, it offers an idyllic escape from the world. Located close to the Raj Residency which is around 15 km away from this beach, people come here to enjoy the scenic backwaters and the various water sports options. It is a peaceful area with ample chances to simply relax or take a comforting boat ride. The Kodi Hills nearby offers a breath-taking view that is sure the capture the hearts of all those who make the trek up the cliff.

Varkala beach

Varkala beach is a calm hamlet and famous for Red Ruby late rite Cliffs located in Varkala Muncipality, Thiruvananthapuram along the Arabian Sea, part of the Indian Ocean. The word Papanasham means wash away sins. It is believed that a dip in the waters of Papanasham Beach washes away all the sins in one's life. By natures grace this beach still remains silent and shied away from concrete jungles. Varkala beach ambience can be compared with a village girl’s quite natural behavior and looks. Varkala Janardhan Swami Temple is located near which a famous Hindu temple visited by devotees to offer their ritual respects to memories of forefathers.

Shivagiri Madom

Located at Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala is the one of the popular ashrams of Shri Narayana Guru, Sivagiri Mutt. The place got its name and fame with the association of most revered Kerala Saint Sri Narayana Gurudevan. A lover of Located at Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala is the one of the popular ashrams of Shri Narayana Guru, Sivagiri Mutt. The place got its name and fame with the association of most revered Kerala Saint Sri Narayana Gurudevan. A lover of nature and places radiant with natural beauty Narayana Guru built a hermitage on made a hermitage on top of the Sivagiri hill and stayed there. Well maintained spiritual atmosphere at the abode of Maha Guru gives you all nourishing presence of Divinity.

Munroe Island

Munroe Island or Mundrothuruthu is an inland island located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, in Kollam district, Kerala, South India Munroe Island is a hidden pearl in the backwaters which is composed of a cluster of 8 islands. Each of them is separated by small water channels and lakes. Munroe Island is located about 27 km from Kollam. The place is named in honour of Resident Colonel John Munroe, of the former princely state of Travancore. He is said to have integrated several backwater regions by digging canals. Some of this island’s main attractions are the narrow waterways, canal cruise and the famous Kallada Boat Race held here during the 10-day festival of Onam. It offers a unique and tranquil setting, far away from the constant chaos of modern life.

Kollam Light house

Tangasseri Lighthouse or Thangassery Lighthouse is situated at Tangasseri in Kollam city, Kerala is a historical lighthouse 115 years old. It is one the most well-known lighthouses in the state of Kerala and has a high rate of visitors every month. Maintained by the Chennai Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships, the light house has a cylindrical shaped tower painted with white and red oblique bands. Built in 1902, it has a height of 41 metres (135 ft), making the highest lighthouse of Kerala state. Though the lighthouse has been here since 1902, while under the British East India company rule, there existed a tall tower with an oil lamp to guide the ocean-going ships and navigators. In 1930 the tower had developed cracks that needed jacking masonry to make it safer and stronger. Based on the changing technology with respect to light source for the beamflashed from the lighthouses, here also the lighting system underwent periodical modifications after 1930 till the 1990s.

Kollam house boat

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